FRTB-SD3-C Cap máquina de forro
FRTB-SD3-C Cap máquina de forro
FRTB-SD3-C Cap máquina de forro
FRTB-SD3-C Cap máquina de forro
FRTB-SD3-C Cap máquina de forro

FRTB-SD3-C Cap máquina de forro

Esta máquina es una máquina de inserción de revestimiento de tapa ideal que se aplica ampliamente en fábricas de tapas, fábricas de revestimientos, fábricas farmacéuticas, fábricas de productos alimenticios, fábricas químicas diarias, fábricas de embalaje, etc.





FRTB-SD3-C Cap lining machine

Applicable Scope:

This machine is an ideal cap liner inserting machine which is widely applied in cap factories, liner factories, pharmaceutical factories, food products factories, daily chemical factories, packing factories, etc..

Machine Features:

1. Automatic cap liner inserting has replaced manual work, which substantially raises the work efficiency.

2. Liner inserting features good accuracy, high speed and high efficiency; products are safe and healthy.

3. The machine adopts a rotary disc to convey caps; the positions of caps will be fixed when the caps reach the liner inserting positions. The vacuum liner taking device will take out the liners for inserting. When caps are of different sizes, the replacement of rotary disc, liner cylinder andsucking discis simple and convenient.

4. The cap arranging unit is a hoisting machine, it has the additional function of cap sifting(reject), which makes caps with mouths downward return to the cap arranging unit; thus, it can be guaranteed that all discharged caps are transmitted onto the conveyor belt with their mouths upward.

5. A conveying locating unit with mechanical transmission is adopted, which contributes to stable and reliable operation of the machine. It is applicable for caps and liner of various specifications.

6. The entire machine adopts PLC control. The electrical control system adopts variable frequency control techniques, so it features random setting, wide applicable scope, simple operation, stable running, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance and strong durability.

7. The machine has the function of automatic detection of finished products. If the liner is not inserted to the cap or the reverse side of the liner is inserted to the cap, the detection device will automatically sift these nonconforming caps and transmit them to the defective product area, which guarantees the conformance rate of caps.

8. This machine is equipped with safety protection devices for stop of the machine when there is no cap or liner, thus realizing human-based operation. (Optional)

9. The machine has automatic count function. The machine can stop automatically according to the set number of caps, which also greatly improves the efficiency of subsequent work.

10. The machine is an automatic cap liner inserting device designed and manufactured by our factory in strict accordance with national GMP standard and technological requirements. It can avoid secondary pollution of materials and omit the sterilization process, especially suitable for occasions with strict sanitary requirements. 

Main technical parameters

Specification of cap

Max.productive capacity (PCS/MIN)

Power voltage (V)

Total power

External dimension (L x W x H) mm

Net weight (kg)







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