FRTB-SD2-B corte automático del trazador de líneas y la máquina de inserción
FRTB-SD2-B corte automático del trazador de líneas y la máquina de inserción
FRTB-SD2-B corte automático del trazador de líneas y la máquina de inserción
FRTB-SD2-B corte automático del trazador de líneas y la máquina de inserción

FRTB-SD2-B corte automático del trazador de líneas y la máquina de inserción

Esta máquina es una máquina de inserción de revestimiento ideal que se aplica ampliamente en fábricas de tapas, fábricas de revestimientos, fábricas farmacéuticas, fábricas de productos alimenticios, fábricas químicas diarias, fábricas de embalaje, etc.





FRTB-SD2-B Automatic Cap Liner Cutting and Inserting Machine

Applicable Scope:

This machine is an ideal liner inserting machine which is widely applied in cap factories, liner factories, pharmaceutical factories, food products factories, daily chemical factories, packing factories, etc..

Machine Features:

Operation principle: cut the reeled liner materials into specified size and simultaneously insert the precut liner into the cap; finally, the liner pressing unit press the liner to the bottom of the cap. This is the whole process of simultaneous liner cutting and liner inserting.

Production process: lifting the caps — arranging the caps — conveying the caps — cutting and inserting the liner — counting the caps — discharging the caps.

1. Automatic liner cutting and inserting have replaced manual work, which substantially raises the work efficiency. 

2. Liner inserting features good accuracy, high speed and high efficiency; the bottom is smooth when the liner is stamped into the cap without upwarp; finished products have good appearance and standardized quality.

3. The machine will stop automatically when there is no material feeding: the machine alarms and stops automatically when there is no cap on the cap conveyor belt or when there is no reeled liner material. (Optional)

4. The machine has automatic count function. The machine can stop automatically according to the set number of caps, or an outlet direction converter of conveyor belt can be equipped; when the number of caps reaches that set by the user, the converter will automatically convert the outlet to another box. (Optional)

5. The operation of the machine is controlled by imported PLC, with touch screen operation and people-oriented design. All functions can be operated and set on the touch screen, simple and convenient.

6. The material conveying length can be adjusted as the liner adopts reeled raw material. Adjustment based on different liner materials can save the material. When the material is conveyed to the cutting and inserting mechanism of the machine, liner cutting and inserting at the same time, and the liner will be inserted to the cap on a one-off basis.

7. Through our company’s independent research and development, the whole machine is designed with mechanical transmission, and parts have applied pneumatic accessories. The design of automatic lubrication system guarantees stable operation of the machine and prolongs its service life.

8. When caps are of different sizes, the replacement of liner stamping mould, turnplate  is simple and convenient.

9. The machine is an automatic packaging device designed and manufactured by our factory in strict accordance with national GMP standard and technological requirements. Our safe and sanitary products can avoid secondary pollution of materials and omit the sterilization process, especially suitable for occasions with strict sanitary requirements.

Structural Composition of the Machine: 

Cap lifting unit: the lifting unit can automatically convey caps into the cap arranging unit when there is no cap in the cap arranging unit.  

Automatic cap arranging unit: it can arrange the disorder caps to be orderly and make all caps with the mouths upward.

Reel liner material conveying unit and waste collecting unit: they realize the conveying of reeled materials and waste collecting  

Cap conveying unit: accurately and orderly conveying the arranged caps to the turnplate;

Liner stamping unit: stamp the reeled liner material.

Liner inserting unit: insert the liner into the cap.

Major Technical Parameters

Cap Specification

Maximum Production Capacity (bottle/min)

Power Supply (V)

Total Power

Overall Dimension (length × width × height) mm

Net Weight (kg)







Remark: Customers can choose machine models according to their actual production output: single station and double stations.